edX: Non-profit and open source platform for MOOCs

edX is a nonprofit consortium founded by MIT and Harvard in May 2012, offering university-level courses. ‘Circuits and Electronics’ (6.002x) was the first MOOC developed by edX and led by Prof. Anant Agarwal, the  CEO of edX and his team to more than 155,000. The online courses contain video lectures, interactive problems, assignments, online labs and discussion forums. It offers certificate of accomplishment for those who complete successfully the course and also a  verified certificate of achievement for a fee. Many of its courses are designed by top universities like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and many others. Currently it provides more than 300 courses in wide range of topics including biology, chemistry, computer science, finance, engineering, to mention a few. Its typical MOOCs can be from 8 weeks to semester long.

edX-logo2edX aims to achieve three main goals: (i) to expand education for everyone, (ii) to enhance teaching and learning on campus and online, and (ii) to advance teaching and learning through research. It  is not only committed to expanding access to quality online higher education , but also on developing best practices to enhance student experience and improve learning experience. It bases its operation on four core principles: nonprofit, open source platform, collaborative and financially sustainable.

edX has shown keen interest in implementing blended learning by offering its courses to be used in several on-campuses within the US and abroad. Its partnership with several international institutions and organizations enables to reach out many more students in the world. It is different from other MOOC providers from the point of view of being non-profit and operating on open source software platform.

Image source: edX


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