novoEd : Learn, Collaborate and Innovate

novoEd is yet another Stanford’s University’s contribution to MOOC. It was founded jointly in 2012 under the name ‘Venture Lab’ by Prof. Amin Saberi, Director of Social Algorithms Lab at Stanford and Farnaz Ronaghi, research student at Stanford. It is now renamed as novoEd, to offer MOOCs with a difference. It offers online courses for free like other MOOC providers. It offers several courses from creativity to entrepreneurship through partner institutions. The courses are offered to both on-campus students at Stanford as well as to general public.

novoEd-logonovoEd’s creative idea is breaking up of a large number of students into smaller groups of 4 to 10 per group. Groups are formed as they sign up for novoEd’s online courses,  based on their location, interests and background. They are encouraged to reform new groups once they are introduced to dynamics of course content and structure, to engage in collaborative, project and team-baed learning so as to improve on the common MOOC problem of attrition rates.  NovoEd believes that these smaller group formations will enhance learning experience by making students accountable to peers and to commit to their online learning goals. It is also believed that it will develop social skills in students  such as virtual team management, negation skills in a team, understand one’s role and contribution to group learning, leadership and communication skills.

It will be very interesting to try one of its courses online and collaborate with smaller group on a specific project. I plan to try one in the near future.

Image source: novoEd


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