Udemy: ‘The Academy of You’

udemy logois an online platform started in 2010 by Eren Bali together with Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani. As a platform, it encourages professors to design and deliver online courses either for fee or free, as per professors’ choice. According to Dennis Yang, the CEO of Udemy, “Udemy is an open marketplace that targets lifelong learners who want to pick up new skills  to get ahead at work”.

As of October 2014, Udemy claims that it serves more than 4 million students with more than 20,000 courses on self-paced learning. It offers, in multiple languages, a large number of courses in the fields of technology, business and design. It aims to “help anyone learn anything online”, as stated in its website. Its self-paced learning allows students to take courses according to their convenience – taking course on their own time either online or offline (downloadable courses available) and on any device.

Udemy by numbers

Committed to expanding access to quality education as well as positive social change, it offers a helping hand to non-profit organizations to create a public course, to train internal team and to offer Udemy’s online courses. It even offers a small fund called ‘social innovation fund’ to get started with technical tools needed. It also offers its courses for download for offline use.

If you have a non-profit organization and have a creative idea for a positive social change, it may be a good idea to try Udemy, as it offers to social grants every month.

Image Source: Udemy


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