FutureLearn: The UK-led MOOC Provider

futurelearn logoLaunched in September 2013, FutureLearn is a private company wholly owned by The Open University, UK. Though, it was started just a year ago, it attracted over 1.4 million signups for its courses. Its online course on ‘Exploring English: Language and Culture’ by the British Council attracted 121,965 people.As of October 2014, it offers 133 online courses for free with the help of 40 global partners and 266 educators. FutureLearn claims that given high rate of collaborative learning leads to high completion rate of 22% which is twice more than general MOOC completion rate.

futurelearn principleThe first UK-led MOOC provider was named the ‘Startup of the Year’ by the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) which recognizes excellence in  British digital creativity for the last 30 years. BIMA credited FutureLearn’s rapid growth for its modern product design and innovative software development techniques. FutureLearn’s unique approach is weaving storytelling into its courses. It strongly believes in the principles of effective learning through storytelling, visible learning, community-supported learning, and massive-scale social learning. It has a community of learners over 600,000 from 190 countries.

Learners can obtain certificates of participation or attainment for a fee. The statement of attainment requires successful completion of an individuated exam. It is a good way to showcase one’s commitment to learn and/or enhancing career path as a way of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Image Source: FutureLearn


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