iversity: Relaunching itself as a MOOC provider in Europe

iversity is a new online platform for MOOCs. Based in Berlin, it was founded by Jonas Liepmann and Hannes Klopper, as a student project in 2008. After securing the EXIST-grant from the government of Germany in 2011,  it began offering online courses  mid 2013. The aim of iversity is nothing but to make higher education accessible, personalized and affordable.

iversity logoUnlike other MOOC providers, iversity will not create any courses itself. Rather it will function as platform for universities and individual professors to offer course content. Currently it offers about 28 courses (as of October 2014) in a wide spectrum of topics including philosophy, physics, architecture and economics. Interestingly, it attracted more than 500,000 signups within four months of its first MOOCs made available last year.

iveristy aims to become the leading MOOC platform in Europe. It business model includes certification fees for students, licensing fees from universities and recruiting fees from business employers.

Image source: iversity.org


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