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About me

I am a post graduate student in Digital Technology for Teaching and Learning at the University of San Francisco, USA. After working three years on an international mission to provide access to quality education to refugees and internally displaced persons, I switched to teaching. 

I am a strong proponent of technology-enabled teaching-learning environment and keenly interested in open source educational resources and online learning. My current research interest includes massive open online course (MOOC), a ‘disruptive’ innovation in higher education.

About mooctrends blog

Hello, and welcome to the latest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) blog, https://mooctrends.wordpress.com,  a daily journal on MOOC’s emerging trends in higher education.

The goal of this blog is to take a hard look at the promises and perils of MOOC, a much media hyped disruptive technology in higher education, and glean resources on its current trends delivering knowledge freely to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the globe.  It will delve into its origin, proliferation, and debates on its future within in the arena of higher education. However, it will not evaluate courses and their content.

I will also jot  down my personal reflections as I participate in MOOCs and discuss interesting issues related to what it means to commit to self-paced online learning and to stay afloat in virtual learning communities.

As a strong proponent of technology-enabled teaching and learning, I am keenly interested in learning and exploring its dynamics with a special focus on technology disruption in the traditional  classrooms.

I welcome your valuable inputs and guidance to enrich my digital expedition in knowledge discovery.


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